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My first plushes! [Apr. 11th, 2010|02:04 pm]
The Plush Workshop


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Hey guys, I'm new to plushie making, I've been loving it so far! (Warning: this post is VERY image-heavy!)

Any advice, concrit, etc. is welcome.

(NOTE: All of these are thumbnails, click if you want to see the super huge version)

This is Quasimodo, my very first plush. He's made using this free pattern.


Not so pretty, is he? I made some pretty big mistakes with him. You can't see it in these pics, but he's called 'Quasimodo' because one of his hind legs is waayyy bigger than the other, making him look very hunchbacked. His eyes and ears are also uneven.


Despite all of that, though, my dad and brother both asked me to have him, and then fought over who got to keep him. (Dad won, obviously! He's living in Dad's room now, I had to go ask for him back to take these pictures xD;)

The next one up is Emoboy, made using the same pattern.


I added a bit to the pattern though - I made a tail for him! I'm fairly happy with how it came out, but I had trouble securing it to his body.


Named so because his right ear, as you can see, constantly flops over his eye! It's shorter than his left ear. Still, a big step up from Quasi.

Then I took a step back with Frankenmouse, from this free pattern.


He looks alright from this angle (besides his badly-sewn cheek), but if you sit him up like the pattern shows, he looks HORRIBLE! His head came out very 2-D. I think I didn't stuff it enough? Anyways, he looks alright as long as he's on his belly...

The next one is Plato the Platypus, from this free pattern.


I think he came out pretty good! Here's a close-up to show his face.


Finally, this is my newest one, The Jackalope. From the same pattern as Quasi and Emoboy, but with more changes again; I added antlers (thus making him a jackalope) and a heart-shaped marking on his butt.



Finally, a picture of them all together.


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[User Picture]From: epiceternity
2010-04-11 10:13 pm (UTC)
aww, they look great! I love how you adapted the pattern to create some new designs. The Jackalope has to be my fav! :)
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