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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2011|04:07 pm]
The Plush Workshop

Click the Thumbnail to catch a better glimpse!


And yes, he's a lot smaller than Rin or Mephisto was. Itty-Bitty little Earth King X3

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Fish Puppet [Jun. 14th, 2011|03:56 pm]
The Plush Workshop

[mood |accomplished]

I totally forgot to post this here! Here it is now. Also, it's a kind of finger/hand puppet? Which I made as an assignment for my Children's Theatre course. But I basically made it like a plushie with finger holes, so I figured it was appropriate for this comm.

more photos under cut!Collapse )

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Large Sigilyph Plushie [May. 24th, 2011|06:06 pm]
The Plush Workshop


For Sale Here:

This sigilyph plushie is about 2.5 ft long and made of fleece.  He took about three days to make.

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Craft Books and Button Maker For Sale! [Dec. 18th, 2010|10:18 pm]
The Plush Workshop

[mood |busy]


Shipping to the US    → 1 book~   → $3.65 (+$1.50 each additional book~!)
Shipping Everywhere else → 1 book → $6.00 (+$2.00 each additional book~!)



Felting Animal Books~~ $25.00 each
Another hobby I WOULD LOVE to learn, but they have just been collecting dust due to lack of free time.
They are both full of animals to make.
Over 70 pages each ♥ Japanese Language ♥ TONS of easy to follow pictures



♥ Felt Mascot Book $15.00 
♥  Dragon Pattern Packet (Unused/New) $5.00
♥  Teddy Bear Book $10.00

The Mascot and Teddy Book are Japanese, the Dragons are in English

♥ Paper Craft Book and Software $65.00
♥ Japanese Style Baby Clothing $10.00

♥ The Paper Craft Book had never been used but comes with software so you can customize your own paper crafty projects or make them from scratch. The CD says it's for Windows. There are tons of pictures in the book to walk your through using the program.  The program also comes with a bunch of preloaded projects you can start doing right away too. :3
♥ Japanese Baby Clothing Book → Over 70 patterns including clothing, bonnets, bibs, teddies etc!


Japanese Bag and Accessory Books~~ $18.00 each
♥ The Yellow one is a Disney Themed book teaching you to make basic bags and accesorries~! 60+ pages
♥ The 2nd book teaches you to make basic bags, and accesorries as well but also gives you templates to  put cute little mascots on your bags~! 110 +pages
♥ Book 3 is a Traditional  Style Japanese Bag Book~ Includes patterns to  make differnt style bags, as well as some cute accessories such as a Japanese Style Bunny Pin cushion~  50 Pages


Badge-A-Minit Button Maker ~ Complete  $50.00
♥ Makes 1 inch buttons. :3 ( you would need to buy the 1 1/4 inch button parts)

♥ Thanks for looking! ♥

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this guy [Oct. 25th, 2010|12:16 pm]
The Plush Workshop


he's cranky about somethingCollapse )
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It's me again! [May. 22nd, 2010|01:17 pm]
The Plush Workshop

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I'm back with new plushes - I'm now making them using my own patterns! Although I do still like using cute patterns by other people, so if you have any free ones you'd like to recommend go ahead and let me know! :3

I made the pictures a bit smaller this time!Collapse )

I also need some advice! Could any of you more experienced plushmakers help me out? First of all, I'm having a really hard time finding eyes! I finally hunted down some at Joann Fabrics, but they only had two colors and two sizes. I know I can order online, but does anybody know of any stores that might have a wider selection? (I've tried Michael's as well)

Also - I mentioned I used wire for the bulborb's eyestalks. I think I worked it out alright, but the wire really isn't very secure; it twists around a bit. I tried to secure it by making a loop at the bottom and sewing it into the fabric (in retrospect, maybe I should have done this to both ends?). Could anybody give me some tips on using wire? I feel a bit lost here!

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Banjora the Koala [Apr. 22nd, 2010|11:41 am]
The Plush Workshop


Banjora is the third non-sock monkey plush I have made. She is also the first one made with the help of a used sewing machine my sister gave to me. :D
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Plush pattern help [Apr. 12th, 2010|04:07 pm]
The Plush Workshop

Hey there! I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area or if its not allowed but I wanted to see if anyone could help me.

I really really want to make a plush version of Toothless from DreamWorks "How to Train Your Dragon" but I'm not really sure where to start. I've looked at the paperkraft patterns they have on their website and have been attempting to make my own but so far nothing seems to be working.

I think that maybe I could alter a pattern for a gecko/newt type plush but I can't seem to find any online. (sewing not crocheting/knitting)

any suggestions?

Please and thank you!
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My first plushes! [Apr. 11th, 2010|02:04 pm]
The Plush Workshop

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Hey guys, I'm new to plushie making, I've been loving it so far! (Warning: this post is VERY image-heavy!)

Any advice, concrit, etc. is welcome.

Here's what I've been doingCollapse )

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Sasha sock monkey [Mar. 29th, 2010|11:24 am]
The Plush Workshop

[mood |mischievousmischievous]

Just posted this guy on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/Monkeystyle. He feels very secure about his sexuality even though he sports a red and pink argyle pattern. Respect, Sasha, respect.

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