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The Plush Workshop
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Let me guess...

You have made a plushie and now you want a place to show it?
You are working on a plushie but are unsure about something and want to ask for tips and advice?
You have always dreamed of making your own plushie but is held back by the cruel fact that you don't know a crap about sewing?
You just kinda happened here?

In either of case this community is here for You! Come and share pictures, ideas, concepts, patterns and tutorials. Hang around with the cool people and get inspired.

1. Be polite. Use common sense. No flaming do we want.
2. Big images go behind lj-cut.
3. Advertising is ok as long as it is on topic.
4. Keep it G-PG somewhere. An all ages community this is.

Admin is a supochi